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Rent out your unused batting cage time to local players in your neighborhood. It's easy, safe, and free.

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You can start making money on CageList in as little as five minutes.


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Do you have an awesome batting cage and / or pitching area sitting there in your backyard, going unused for 90% of the day, every day? List it for free.


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Interested cage users can discover and book your batting cage with a quick, simple search. You can see who they are by checking their profile and reviews before approving the booking.


Make money

Connect your payout details once and never worry about collecting payments again. All payments hit your account every week, automatically. #BooYah

Safety First

Every interaction on CageList is based on teamwork and trust. We are baseball and softball people, let's be great to each other.

Also, understand that Batting Cages are inherently dangerous. Safety is paramount to our CageList community. Please, always take care and be smart.


  • Always communicate and pay through CageList.
  • Always maintain a clean, safe backyard batting cage facility and that you represent it accurately on our website.
  • Always Safety First – Safety is our number one priority and it must be yours as well if you are a part of the CageList community. Always be sure to maintain the quality of your facility, post your rules and keep safeguards in place everywhere possible.
  • Follow our listing guidelines, throughout the 5-10 minute listing process, you will be more likely to fill your cage time and earn more money every single day.

Cage Users trust Batting Cage Owners to take good care of their backyard batting cage facilities and keep them well-maintained, and Cage Owners trust the players and coaches who use their facilities and training resources to be careful, safe and respectful every single time they are booked.

We do all we can to create and foster an environment of trust, teamwork and safety on our platform. Cage Owners can message potential cage users before letting them use their backyard facilities.

Secure and automatic payments

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Getting paid is both simple and guaranteed.

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Cage owner payouts are guaranteed for any batting cage booking that has been completed.

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Hosts are paid out through CageList's secure payment processor trusted by Google, Spotify, Target, Amazon and millions of other businesses.

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After quickly and securely connecting a bank account to CageList, cage owner payouts are directly deposited automatically every seven days.

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