CageList makes affordable and convenient batting cages accessible to players, coaches and families all around the world.

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CageList offers the largest network of local batting cages for baseball & softball players, coaches, & families.

Who Are We?

We are a baseball and softball family who has a batting cage in our backyard that sits empty when we aren't using it. We’ve also always had a hard time finding an affordable and convenient batting cage facility when we are away from our home and need to use one.

Our Story:

CageList was created by Isaac Hess, a private professional baseball coach who always had the problem of finding a batting cage or baseball training facility to train his players.

So, he created CageList as a solution for all baseball and softball enthusiasts who always want to have a quality place to work on their game.

Our Mission:

  1. To provide convenient, quality, and affordable batting cage facilities for baseball and softball players and coaches.
  2. To provide a platform for batting cage owners to create income from the baseball and softball facilities they have created.

Press Coverage

CageList has been covered in press throughout the baseball and softball community:

"Finding a place to hit has never been so easy."

"A revolutionary idea in the Baseball world that is a win win for players, coaches, and families."

"A genius idea that will change the game for the entire baseball and softball community."


"From uniforms, to league fees, to tournament fees, to gear, and more…funding my sons love of baseball is expensive. We are a diehard baseball family and my son begged me for three years to build a batting cage in our backyard. He uses it all the time, but when he isn’t using it, it sits empty. Now that I have it listed on CageList, it funds the whole baseball operation and we get to provide a great place for local players to train. We think the idea was genius and have been happy to be a preferred batting cage on the platform!"
Carlos(dad) and family, Phoenix, AZ

"Since he started playing little league, my son literally always wants to hit. As a dad, I love it..but sometimes it’s inconvenient because getting him to the nearest indoor cage has been a hassle up until now. With CageList, we always have a convenient and affordable place for him to go practice. We love it!"
Jackson(dad) & Johnny(son), Albuquerque, NM

"CageList is great because it gives me flexibility to find places to train my players wherever I am in the city, which any baseball coach knows can be challenging. It’s convenient and very easy to use. Thanks for existing CageList!"
Coach Victor(private baseball coach in Sacramento, CA)

"My son prefers to pitch off of a mound, and those can hard to find at local parks in LA. Finding CageList has helped us find pitching mounds along side the batting cages we found as well!"
Dad (Burbank, CA)