Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball is my own personal batting cage in my backyard. I use my Sports Tutor TriplePlay Ultra Pitching Machine to help kids get better. It can pitch from 40-90mph, with both LH and RH sliders and curveballs an even drop-curves. There is no need for a 'pitch feeder' because the hopper holds 80 baseballs and pitches a baseball every 10 seconds and over 350 pitches per hour (if hopper is being filled as needed) Each pitch can be programmed for speed and pitch type. The pitches come after a sequence of lights (red, yellow, green) to help with the timing. You can set it to random pitches, or repeat a pitch. The balls used are low-seam baseball and NOT the yellow dimpled ones.

  • All Batters must wear helmets. *No persons under the age of 6 allowed in the cage. *No cleats in the cage. *Batter must 'follow' the pitch after a swing to make sure it does not roll by their feet and then get stepped on. *No offensive behavior

I am insured through American Family Insurance/Burns & Wilcox in case of an accident.

My pitching mound can be used inside or outside the cage when lessons are wanted. The cage is typically used for hitting. I only have two helmets, but they are for a younger age, maybe 12-15. Please bring your own helmets and bats. I do have a 32/29 bat which may be too heavy for younger players. Players are welcome to bring their own music and drinks but I do provide both for free :)

If you have any questions, Please text me at 217-714-0848. I only answer my phone from known callers because I hate telemarketers. And I will respond to any texts as soon as I can.

Brad G

Indoor or Outdoor:
Every day
Monday - Friday
Weekends Only
Surface Type:
Foam Board
Dimensions of Cage? (width x length x height): 14 x 70 x 12
Batting Cage Includes:
Baseball Pitching Machine
Softball Pitching Machine
Hitting Tee
Baseball Bullpen Mound
Softball Bullpen Mound
Sufficient Space for Infield Work
Full Infield
Amenities Included:
Offering Private Training/Lessons?: Yes
Facility Rules: Already Listed
Cancelation Policy: Cancel as soon as you know you cant make it

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